Economic policy and research

Embiggen Economics brings skills in a wide range of tools to assist your organisation. Just as important, we believe in communicating the results of our analysis. This might mean technical detail, plain English or a combination of the two. We take pride in tailoring our work depending on your audience and your needs.

Key capabilities include: 

  • Econometric analysis to identify relationships between variables

  • Time series analysis to determine underlying trends and predict future values

  • Simulation to gauge outcomes under different conditions

  • Cost-benefit analysis to quantify financial and non-financial value streams from a project

Data analytics
  • Persuasive written reports for different audiences including government, the private sector, academia and the general public

  • Charts, graphs and diagrams 

  • Fluent and compelling public speaking and presentation

  • Analysing incentives and market design

  • Identifying potential market failures and externalities

  • Couching analysis (eg of social issues) in the appropriate economic terminology

  • Particular  experience with the rule making process in Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM)

  • Review of the academic and other literature

  • Domestic and international case studies

  • Up to date with innovations in technology

  • Informed on trends and new ideas in economic thinking