Embiggen Economics brings experience and expertise in the following sectors:
Energy markets
  • reliability in the National Electricity Market (NEM)   
  • regulation of distribution and transmission networks
  • new technology and distributed energy resources 
  • modelling consumer retail prices
  • gas pipeline capacity market
  • demand response
  • wholesale market bidding practices
Urban planning 
  • cost-benefit analysis of urban development projects such as stadiums, community centres and parks
  • identifying/estimating the impact of regulatory changes on the property market
  • projecting growth in demand for housing and transport infrastructure based on demographic trends
The environment 
  • quantifying the economic risk posed by climate change 
  • identifying potential inefficiencies and market failures in infrastructure investment
Social policy 
  • estimating the impact of regulatory changes on social variables such as crime
  • identifying and quantifying streams of value from different industries to the broader economy
  • estimating economic uplift to the community from special events